Rolls Royce Brick Model Released

The Tank Museum has released a brick model of the First World War Rolls Royce Armoured Car, in association with brick toy manufacturer Cobi.

Rolls Royce Armoured Cars were first built during the First World War, when wealthy gentleman took their family cars with them to the front. Although they were proven not suitable on the Western Front, the Army sent them to the Middle East, where they proved very successful.

Simon Prager, Head of Commercial Operations, said: “The Rolls Royce is the oldest running vehicle in the Museum’s collection. We are delighted to partner with Cobi to bring another brick model kit based on the Museum’s own vehicle.”

On 5 November 1920 the Museum’s Rolls Royce Armoured Car was handed to the War Office by Woolwich Arsenal, where it was armoured. It truly is a special vehicle in the Museum’s collection, being one of only a very small number of survivors.

The launch of the Cobi Rolls Royce comes shortly after the launch of the Cobi Mark V tank, also based on a First World War vehicle in the Museum’s collection.

The brick kit is in 1/35 scale and has 267 building blocks, equipped with working wheels, a moving gun, moving turret and a figure holding a Webley MK V1 Revolver.

Cobi Rolls Royce and mini figure.

Order from The Tank Museum’s Online Shop and you will receive a free Rolls Royce Haynes Manual worth an RRP of £22.99.

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