TANKFEST Hospitality & Upgrades

Make the most of your TANKFEST experience by upgrading to a grandstand seat, getting photography area access, or unlimited food. Can’t decide what to go for? Have a look at the arena viewing map below. 

Grandstand Seating Upgrade

Enjoy a full day of arena displays from a tiered grandstand seat.

Get the most out of our jam-packed arena programme and don’t miss a thing with a grandstand upgrade.

Ticket holders can choose between a covered or uncovered grandstand, and have a dedicated seat for the whole day. To make sure your party is all sitting together, you can select the seats you want. Children under 3 who can sit on the lap of a parent or guardian do not require their own grandstand seat, but carers accompanying disabled visitors will need their own seat.

Please note: the seating is on plastic, folding chairs with limited legroom. If you have long legs, we recommend getting a front row or aisle seat.

Reduced rates for restricted views are due to the fencing at the front, and the roof on the covered grandstand which can obscure the Tank TV screens.

Grandstand upgrades don’t include entry to TANKFEST, so make sure you book your admission ticket as well. If you already have an admission ticket, please remember to select the same date.

Tickets prices

Grandstand Upgrades

Choose your seats on the grandstand map.

Does not include TANKFEST Entry
Covered Grandstand
Uncovered Grandstand
Regular View
Covered Grandstand
Uncovered Grandstand
Semi-Restricted View
Covered Grandstand
Uncovered Grandstand
Restricted View
Covered Grandstand
Uncovered Grandstand


Photography Area Ticket

Back due to popular demand photographers can purchase upgrades to a dedicated area to take the TANKFEST images they have always wanted. Only available Sunday – Friday and Saturday are SOLD OUT. 

The Photography Area ticket now INCLUDES entry to TANKFEST. If you have already purchased an entrance ticket, please get in touch and we will refund your ticket. If you are a Friend or Gold Friend, please get in touch to get your discount code. 

On Saturday and Sunday, photographers will be able to use two spaces on either side of the Grandstand, one next to the entrance beside the VCC (Saturday & Sunday) and the other next to the arena entrance from the Tank Park. On Friday, they will only have access to the area beside the Tank Park. Each photographer will have space along the fence line, so they will get an unobstructed view of the arena.

Please note: unfortunately the Photography Area is not wheelchair accessible as there is a sloped entrance and uneven ground.

Photographers can bring camping chairs, and tripods to get the best shots. The Photography Area has speakers so you can hear the commentary, but no cover or power. Stepladders are not permitted. Access to the area will be controlled by a member of staff so you can come and go as you please throughout the day.

TANKFEST Photography Area

Get the unobstructed view of the arena you have always wanted.

Includes entry to TANKFEST.
Per Ticket
Per Ticket


Unlimited and Unlimited Plus are both SOLD OUT! If you want to be added to an interest list for any cancellations, please contact tankfest@tankmuseum.org 

TANKFEST Unlimited & Unlimited Plus

Get unlimited, exclusive use of The Tank Museum Restaurant this TANKFEST, as well as premium parking, fast track entry, and more.  

TANKFEST Unlimited and Unlimited Plus INCLUDES entry to TANKFEST. If you have already purchased an entrance ticket, please get in touch and we will refund your ticket. If you are a Gold Friend, please get in touch to get your discount code. 

Only TANKFEST Unlimited and Unlimited Plus visitors will have access to The Tank Museum Restaurant each day. Avoid the other 8000 people on site and relax in the Restaurant, overlooking the Tank Story Hall. Ditch the queues outside, and get as much food, snacks and drinks as you want all day. All indoors and with enough space for everyone to find a seat, you’ll be able to escape the weather and crowds whenever you like. Unlimited Plus guests can also view the show from a covered grandstand, conveniently placed close to the restaurant. There will be no separate Officers’ Mess or Premium ticket this year.

Each ticket includes:

  • TANKFEST entry on the day of booking (Friday, Saturday OR Sunday), and a year’s unlimited visits with your Annual Pass (excluding other Special Events)
  • Use of fast track premium entrance
  • Premium parking close to TANKFEST Admissions
  • TANKFEST goody bag
  • Unlimited use of The Tank Museum Restaurant, including breakfast, hot lunch, dessert, and afternoon tea
  • Hot and cold drinks, snacks, nibbles, and chocolate bars available whenever you want throughout the day, including Tank Museum beer from lunchtime

Unlimited Plus also includes a covered, tiered grandstand seat, situated conveniently beside the restaurant. 

Tickets prices

TANKFEST Unlimited

Per person per day
Unlimited (Sun)
Per person per day
Unlimited Under 4s (Sun)
Per person per day
Unlimited Plus
Per person per day

Arena Viewing Areas Map

Compare the locations of all the arena viewing areas with this map.


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