Exclusive Haynes Manuals Reprinted

The Matilda Haynes Manual, published by Haynes exclusively for The Tank Museum, shares an insight into the design, construction and combat use of the Matilda Infantry Tank from 1937 onwards.

Known by many as Queen of the Desert, the first chapter tells the remarkable story of how the Matilda was born and regarded by the Italians and Germans as a bogey-tank that was nearly impossible to destroy.

As the book continues, it covers the infantry tank concept and the A11 followed by the design and development and then the Matilda at war.

Trevor Johnson, Retail Development & Visitor Services Manager says, “we are delighted to be working in partnership with Haynes, to bring out this comprehensive guide, packed with images and illustrations creating this comprehensive guide to the Matilda.

“The title also covers The Tank Museum’s own incredible journey restoring an eighty-year-old Matilda to pristine, a job not for the faint hearted”.

In 2015, The Tank Museum began restoring their Matilda II, a project which was completed in 2018. The manual covers this in complete detail, sharing specifics on the condition assessment, disassembly process, paint, electrical systems and much more.

The Matilda Haynes Manual is available to buy from The Tank Museum Online Shop for £16.99.

In addition to the Matilda, The Tank Museum also have a limited amount of other exclusive Haynes Manuals.

The Tank Museum Workshop Team restoring Matilda II.
The Tank Museum Workshop Team restoring Matilda II.

The rare titles include the Sherman, Churchill, Tiger and Great War Tank and all give insight to the history, development, production and role of the most feared battle tanks of the First and Second World War.

All of the Haynes Manuals, plus many more are available to buy from The Tank Museum Shop at www.tankmuseumshop.org.

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