Get inside a Warrior IFV

Over the TANKFEST weekend, visitors will be able to get inside a Warrior IFV supplied by event sponsor, Babcock.

TANKFEST, the world’s largest display of historic moving armour, wows event guests with a range of vehicles from the last 100 years of armoured warfare – from WWI to the present day.

The Warrior began service in 1988, with variants including anti-tank weaponry, ambulances, and repair vehicles. It had the speed, performance and firepower to keep up with the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank and to deliver infantry soldiers directly onto the enemy position.

The Warrior series will be replaced with Boxer armoured fighting vehicles before the end of the 2020s.

Photograph of a Warrior infantry fighting vehicle driving over steep muddy knife edge fast. Background is a pine forest.
A Warrior catches some airtime after going over a knife edge at speed.

For over a decade, Babcock have been partnering with the British Army to ensure that their Warriors are always ready to deploy. As part of the additional activities for TANKFEST, they are showcasing an infantry variant of the Warrior, which visitors will be able to get inside.

Events Manager, Tom Holmes, says, “We are very excited Babcock are joining us as sponsors for our biggest event of the year. Getting inside an armoured vehicle is a bucket list opportunity for many of our TANKFEST visitors.”

TANKFEST, held 28-30 June, also features mock battles, living history encampments, and an activity zone for guests to get hands-on with history. Tickets are selling out fast, book now or risk missing out.

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