September on the Museum's YouTube Channel

Published: 1 October 2020

September 2020 – The Tank Museum continues its war on boredom with the latest release of online content. 

Although The Tank Museum has now reopened, there are a large number of people who cannot travel to the Museum to visit. Therefore, our continued programme of additional activity transports The Tank Museum into your home via The Tank Museums Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Channel.

Tank Chats Special | Pak 43/41 Anti-Tank Gun

The Tank Museum’s Archive and Library Manager Stuart Wheeler presents this Tank Chat Special on the Pak 43/41. Find out the history behind the infamous anti-tank gun and the story behind how it came to be in The Tank Museum’s collection – from it’s time as a gate-guard, to its restoration, and finally it’s display in the Museum.

Curator Q&A #24 | Schmalturm for the Panther

In his latest Q&A, The Tank Museum’s Curator David Willey talks Panthers, the Museum’s relationship with Haynes, Tigers, which tanks are the easiest to maintain, and much, much more! *Limited time offer* Become a Patron of The Tank Museum from £/Euro/$1 to keep watching David’s monthly Q&A’s

Tank Chat #105 | Saladin

David Fletcher is back! Join him as he discusses the FV601 Saladin – a six wheeled armoured car developed by Crossley Motors and later produced by Alvis. The Saladin has had a long service life and despite its dated design, is still in service with some countries.

Curator Q&A # 23 | Panzers on the Eastern Front

In his latest Q&A, The Tank Museum’s Curator David Willey talks The Tank Museum’s Panzer III, the Challenger II Life Extension Programme, why Soviet tanks had low silhouettes, starting panzers on the Eastern Front in winter and much, much more!

Tank Chats #106 | Panzer IV

Join The Tank Museum’s Curator David Willey as he discusses the Sd.Kfz 161, better known as Panzer IV: the most numerously produced tank by Germany during the Second World War.

Curator Q&A #22 | Add on Sherman Armour

In his latest Q&A, the Museum’s Curator David Willey talks about the future of Challenger 2, add on Sherman armour, model making, why so many Covenanters were made, the Tiger Day 14 Premium Experience and much, much more!

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