Sherman Fury Painting Launched

Published: 13/04/2022

The Tank Museum’s Shop has launched a Fury print by ex-serviceman turned military artist.  

Self-taught artist and Royal Tank Regiment veteran Mick Graham loves painting fond memories of his career.

Mick’s latest release ‘The Defeat’, commissioned by The Tank Museum features the Museum’s very own Sherman Fury and Tiger 131, which starred in the hit Hollywood film ‘Fury’, gaining super-fans around the world.

Simon Prager, Head of Commercial Operations, says: “We are delighted to work with Mick Graham to create this excellent painting. The Sherman Fury and Tiger 131 are much-loved tanks in our collection and have proved incredibly popular with visitors.

“People come from all over the world to see these vehicles. The funds gained from the sales of the paintings go directly back into the conservation and preservation of our collection to ensure we can keep them on display for visitors to enjoy.”

Mick Graham attended the Museum’s Fury Experience, a dedicated day to Sherman enthusiasts, to launch the prints.

Speaking in an interview with Curator David Willey, Mick described it an “honour” to be asked to paint one of the two most famous tanks for the Museum.

Mick Graham previously worked with The Tank Museum and Royal Mail to create eight stamps featuring British Army vehicles, which quickly becoming bestsellers; popular with stamp collectors and fans of military history alike.

The prints are available to purchase on The Tank Museum’s Online Shop and come in two sizes, medium (21×10 inch) and large (36×17 inch).

Shop ‘The Defeat’ by Mick Graham at

Mick Graham and Curator David Willey
Mick Graham and Curator David Willey.
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