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TANKFEST makes a welcome return to its familiar June dates for 2022 – but the lingering COVID threat means that some of the changes made for 2021 have been retained.

The safety of our visitors remains a priority. Even though the pandemic seems to be moving in a more positive direction we need to create our plans in such a way that ensures we can still go ahead with our biggest fundraising event if things take a step backward.

In this article we will cover what we’re planning and how we’re planning it for this year’s show.

The Format

As in pre-covid times, TANKFEST will be a three-day event, with the main vehicle display programme taking place only on Saturday and Sunday.

Single day tickets have been on sale since October 2021, as well as bundles for Friday and Saturday, Saturday and Sunday, and all three days.

Friday will have more of a “history festival” feel, and is ideal for those purchasing a two or three-day ticket as they will have more time to take in the Museum, traders, living history and the programme of lectures and demonstrations across the site.

A colour image of the Sherman Fury tank with two men in the turret and another vehicle behind them. People are sitting on the grass in the distance behind.

Arena Displays & Viewings

Chief among the retained changes from 2021 is the arena capacity cap, which means that the main arena programme on Saturday and Sunday will be again repeated twice each day.

As a result, ticket holders will need to specify an AM or PM Arena session when they book their Saturday and Sunday tickets, just as they did in 2021.

When you arrive at TANKFEST, you’ll be issued with the appropriate wristband to enable you access to the arena spectator’s area for your chosen show session.

To ensure everyone gets a good view, you will be given a coloured wristband corresponding to an area of the Kuwait Arena.

You can spend the remainder (or earlier part) of you visit enjoying The Tank Museum, lecture stage or mini arena.

Whilst the arena capacity for each arena session will be greater than the 2,500 permitted in 2021, at total maximum of 4,500 it will still be half of that seen at TANKFEST in 2019.

An image of a tank in The Tank Museum's arena with a Japanese flag on the back of it.

This means we will be able to comfortably accommodate our visitors around the arena without it feeling overcrowded.

Visitor feedback from TANKFEST 2021 showed that our visitors enjoyed a much better viewing experience as a result of our arena capacity, and enjoyed the more intense and concentrated vehicle display programme more than our pre-COVID programme.

Grandstand Seats and Premium Offering

The Officers’ Mess premium offering is back for 2022. Officers’ Mess guests will be able to watch the show from a covered grandstand which they will have access to for both arena shows, a three-course sit-down lunch, breakfast, and refreshments throughout the day, a photography area right beside the arena, and much more. Find out more and book here.

Due to their popularity in 2019, Grandstand seats are returning for 2022. When you book your seat, you will need to ensure that you are booking a seat that matches the date and session of your TANKFEST ticket. You can find out more about these here.

Lecture Stage, Living History, Traders & Mini Arena

Following the success of both the Lecture Stage and Mini Arena in 2021, both will be returning ensuring that there is plenty to see and do across the site – whether you are planning to visit for a single day, two days or all three.

The Mini Arena won’t be open on Friday – but the Kuwait Arena will be hosting Tank Chats Live and Living History demonstrations throughout the day.

We hope that the overall site capacity will be approaching pre-COVID levels and as a result the event will be more attractive to traders and food vendors – so there will be more to see, more to buy and more places to eat.

A colour image of a uniformed man, outside, crouching down with a gun in his hand and on his back.


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