Wall of Condolence

Hundreds of visitors signed a Wall of Condolence at The Tank Museum last week, in memory of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The death of the monarch, who was the Colonel in Chief of the Royal Tank Regiment and had visited the Museum on two occasions in the last 25 years, was announced on 8 September.

Nik Wyness, Head of Marketing and Engagement said, “We wanted to give our visitors a space to express their condolences and it seemed fitting to make an exhibition of it by inviting them to leave their messages on our wall.

“It was a very popular feature and hundreds of visitors have participated – from young to old, from veterans and serving soldiers and from overseas visitors.

Large pieces of paper signed in lots of coloured pens on the walls of the Museum entrance hall.
The Wall of Condolence, had to be extended due to the number of visitors wanting to leave their messages.

“It was a poignant spectacle that reminded us all of the great esteem we shared for our Queen.”

Messages on the wall included:

“Thank you for your service, rest on high forever in our hearts”
“Thank you Ma’am for your service to your country and your people R.I.P”
“Such an amazing lady to dedicate your life to serve. Rest in Peace”
“So sad. God bless you. Thank you”
“Proud to have had a great Queen may her influence keep on in the UK.”

Messages recorded on the wall of condolences will be preserved in The Tank Museum Archive.

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