Tiger Day FAQs

All you need to know before visiting Tiger Day. To make it easier to find what you need, we’ve separated recurring queries into sections.

What are the upcoming Tiger Days?

27 April 2024 (Tiger Day Spring) & 28 September 2024 (Tiger Day Autumn)

What time does the event open?

The Tiger Day site is open to the public from 8.30am to 5pm. Car parks open at 8am.

Can I buy my ticket on the day?

No, Tiger Day is an advance ticket only event.


Can I use my Annual Pass for admission to Tiger Day?

Tiger Day is a ‘Special Event day’ – therefore Annual Passes are not valid.


Can I enter the Museum at Tiger Day without a Tiger Day ticket?

No, the Museum is part of the Tiger Day event, you will need a Tiger Day ticket to enter the Museum on that date.


If I book a Tiger Day ticket before the event and want to visit the Museum prior to the event, when does my Annual Pass start?

If your Annual Pass is from a dated event/experience, such as Behind the Scenes or TANKFEST, your Annual Pass starts from the date of that event/experience. You can use it up to 30 days prior to that date. If you want to visit more than 30 days before the event/experience, you will have to purchase a normal admission ticket.


I can’t print my ticket?

If you are unable to print your ticket, please have it clearly displayed on a smartphone or similar for the admissions team to see to gain entry to the event.


I’m coming with a group and someone else has bought all our tickets.

All visitors covered by an e-ticket must arrive and be admitted together – duplicate tickets are not permitted. You will need to organise to meet outside of the event and all come in together.

Is Tiger Day an outdoor event?

Yes, the event takes place outside, please be prepared for all weather fronts. Don’t forget your sunscreen and your rain coat/ umbrella! Please check the weather ahead of your visit and dress appropriately.


Is there seating in the arena?

Yes, please find a space on the grassy slope that encompasses the arena to watch the displays. You are allowed to bring seating with you if you do not wish to sit directly on the slope.

There is no Grandstand seating for the display on Tiger Day.


Am I allowed to bring my dog to Tiger Day?

Regrettably, dogs are not allowed onsite, with the exception of disability assistance dogs, and registered Support Dogs with documentation. We ask owners not to leave dogs in their vehicles. During Tiger Day the site is not suitable for dogs.


Which tanks will be on show/ in the arena?



Is there a cash machine onsite?

Yes, there is a free cash machine inside the main Museum building. As we only have one cash machine, please bring plenty of cash in case it is busy. Most vendors onsite will only be able to accept cash payments only.


Can I come along dressed as a soldier?

No, unless you are a member of one of the re-enactor groups participating in Tiger Day as part of our Living History encampments. If you are not a participant or serving soldier, you will be refused admission to Tiger Day if you are dressed in military uniform.


Is there a secure location to leave luggage?

Yes, we have a cloakroom service by the Admissions desk inside The Tank Museum. You can leave luggage or coats for an additional charge of £3 per item on a first come, first serve basis. Please be aware the space is not substantial, so we may not be able to accept all luggage, we advise visitors to make other arrangements where possible.


Are catering facilities available?

In addition to the Museum restaurant/café, there is a wide selection of caterer’s onsite, located outside the Museum serving an array of hot and cold food to suit all tastes and dietary requirements.


Are there any site safety rules?

Please be aware of the following:

  • There is uneven ground on parts of the site
  • Grass areas can be slippery when wet
  • Site is dusty
  • There will be loud explosions and pyrotechnics used throughout the day
  • Regrettably dogs are not allowed on site
  • Children must be accompanied by parent(s)/ Guardians(s) at all times
  • The Living History Area can include hazards. Please be extra vigilant towards our own safety.
  • As a condition of entry, visitors may be subject to a search.


Will there be bag searches and extra security at Tiger Day?

In response to the upgraded national threat level, security has been increased at Tiger Day. There will be bag searches conducted on entry to Tiger Day, so please keep any baggage to a minimum.

Please also note that the only pre-approved re-enactors and serving soldiers are permitted to wear military uniforms at the event. Any visitor wearing military uniforms without prior consent will not be allowed entry.


What items are prohibited from Tiger Day?

Knives, replica or real weapons, laser pens, fireworks, legal and illegal highs, and alcohol are not permitted and will be confiscated. You can collect legally held items at the end when you leave. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased at the event – The Tank Museum’s alcohol license does not cover beverages brought onto site.

How do I get to The Tank Museum?

Have a look at our Getting Here page.


Is there a shuttle bus from the train station to The Tank Museum?

Yes – the timetable can be found here.


Where can I stay in the Dorset area, close to The Tank Museum?

There is a variety of accommodation in the local area, with hotels, B&B’s or camp sites, check accommodation provider websites like TripAdvisor for more information. We usually recommend looking into the area surrounding Weymouth, Wareham, Dorchester, Poole and Bournemouth due to the ease of accessibility to public transport to the Museum.


Is there Disabled Parking?

Yes, there is disabled parking at Tiger Day. Either display your blue badge or get in touch with the events team on events@tankmuseum.org in order to acquire a parking pass. This will give you access to the reserved disabled parking area. One of these passes MUST be on display in order to access the disabled parking reserved areas.


Is there a charge for the car parking at Tiger Day?

No, car parking is free at Tiger Day.


Where can I be dropped off and picked up at the event?

There is a dedicated taxi/vehicle drop off and pick up point close to the entrance, please see site map for location. Local taxi companies – EZ Riders – 01929 556575, CC Cars – 07766 816047, Garrison Cabs – 01929 463395.

Is the event accessible to people in wheelchairs?

Yes, there are lifts and/or ramps available in the main Museum & Vehicle Conservation Centre. Please note some of the indoor and outdoor surfaces around site are uneven.

There is also a Disabled Viewing Area.

The Tiger Day site covers a vast area of the Museum’s surrounding grounds and therefore covers a large area. It is advised that if you find it difficult to walk for long periods of time, that you bring means to assist you.

Please see our Accessibility Statement if you require more information here.


Is there Disabled Parking?

Yes, there is disabled parking at Tiger Day. Either display your blue badge or get in touch with the events team on events@tankmuseum.org in order to acquire a parking pass. This will give you access to the reserved disabled parking area. One of these passes MUST be on display in order to access the disabled parking reserved areas.

Please note that the disabled parking is located on grass, on the sports pitch to the right hand side of the Linsay Road entrance to The Tank Museum. This parking is located directly opposite the Main Admissions Point, so is the closest point to the Museum.


I or a member of my party struggle with busy and loud events. How can you help?

Tiger Day is a loud and busy event, but we recommend the following to make it more comfortable for our visitors. We have a free-to-use Wellbeing Room located behind the Shop, equipped with a sofa, children’s books, and a sink, where you can take a quiet moment away from the event. You can also borrow a free sensory backpack, which includes ear defenders, magnifying glass, book, squeezy toy, torch, periscope, and Commander Basil bear, from the Main Admissions desk inside the Museum. The Vehicle Conservation Centre can often be a quiet and cool place to explore if the Museum and outdoor area is crowded. We do recommend the use of ear defenders during the display for those who struggle with loud noises.

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