British Armour in WW2: Crowdfunder Success

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, David Fletcher’s two-volume history of British WWII tank development is set to be re-printed for the first time since 1989.

Over 600 backers supported the campaign to re-publish two of David Fletcher’s iconic books on tank warfare – the Great Tank Scandal and Universal Tank.

Initially a target to sell 150 editions was needed to secure publication, which the Museum expected to achieve over the period of a month. However, less than 24 hours after starting the campaign, 600 people had bought this special signed double-edition and the numbers had to be capped.

Following the success of this campaign, the Great Tank Scandal and Universal Tank are now available to pre-order.

This latest success follows the Museum’s recent appeal to crowdfund the first English translation of the wartime German Panther-Fibel. This too was achieved within days of being launched.

For £29.00, the initial 600 backers of the British Armour in the Second World War campaign will receive author-signed copies of Volume 1 and 2, with their names featured in a new acknowledgements section.

Museum Curator David Willey said “These books offer a critique of the military authorities, industry and government, all presented in David’s unique and witty style.

“In Volume 1- The Great Tank Scandal, he looks at the confusion and indecision that left Britain seemingly unprepared the threat of Nazi Germany.

“In Volume 2- The Universal Tank, he examines the lessons learned from combat, which ultimately gave rise to one of the most successful tank designs ever – the Centurion.

“And they have stood the test of time well – which is why a signed set has recently been offered for sale for over £200.

A black and white image of the Matilda I tank. The tank is parked on muddy grass with flat land in the distance.
The Matilda I is one of the tanks discussed in The Great Tank Scandal.

“David Fletcher is a leading authority on the history of British military vehicles and this collection is a must have for die-hard tank aficionados.”

The Museum has the rights to republish David’s original text – complete with rescanned high-resolution images.

The crowdfunder campaign is over, but you can still pre-order your copy below. 

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