Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

The Tank Museum wishes to express its sadness at the news of the passing of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

We were proud to host Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, who was Colonel-in-Chief of the Queen’s Royal Hussars, part of the Royal Armoured Corps, when they came to open the Tank Story Hall in 2009. They are pictured here watching a Museum arena display.

Richard Smith leans in to Prince Phillip as they engage in conversation, sat on wicker chairs. To the left of Prince Phillip, Queen Elizabeth II watches on, dressed in a turquoise dress and hat.
Visit to The Tank Museum, 2009.

The Tank Museum Director Richard Smith, hosted the Duke of Edinburgh that day, “Prince Philip was an excellent guest. He was extremely well practiced at being hosted by people who were a little nervous and was fantastic at putting the host at ease.

“I had a chance to speak with him about our exhibitions and vehicle displays and the longer we talked, the more I realised that he was genuinely knowledgeable and interested in the subject area.

“With two grandsons who had trained in an armoured regiment and with both himself and other family members having been Colonels-in-Chief of many of the armoured regiments over decades, he knew the people, the equipment and the stories in a much richer way than I did.”

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