Centaur III TANKFEST Debut

Used for filming in Band of Brothers and BBC Documentary D-Day to Berlin, fans of British Armour will be excited to see the Centaur III run at TANKFEST.

Built during WW2, the Centaur III is closely related to the Cromwell IV which had the upgraded 600hp Rolls Royce Meteor engine fitted, with both vehicles being externally similar.

This particular Centaur, part of the Bannister Collection, was adapted and modified into a Dozer prior to D-Day when the British military required a vehicle that was fast, but could bulldoze through rubble of bombed out cities and make a path for other tanks.

In the Dozer version, the Centaur’s turret was removed and replaced with a winch system to raise the dozer blade. The Centaur Dozer had a long post war existence and was used up to the Suez campaign.

Centaur III
The Museum's Centaur Dozer.

The Centaur III, appearing in the TANKFEST arena, has now been fully converted back to a gun tank, utilising the original 400 hp Liberty L-12 MKV engine.

Head of Marketing, Nik Wyness said, “We are pleased to announce that a World War Two Centaur will be making its TANKFEST debut after a full restoration. We’re all looking forward to seeing this rare British tank in action.”

To see the Centaur IIIs debut and experience the unique spectacle of historic tanks in action, book your TANKFEST tickets here.

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