Tiger Day Autumn Star Vehicles

This Autumn at Tiger Day, see the world’s only running Tiger I, Churchill Mark III, and the only running Matilda II in the Northern Hemisphere.

Tiger 131

Tiger 131 is the world’s only running Tiger I tank. The impenetrable armour, powerful gun and huge size of the Tiger made it a legend in its time and struck terror into the hearts of Allied tank crews when it first appeared in 1942. Tiger 131 was the first Tiger I to be captured by the Allies, 80 years ago on 24 April 1943 in North Africa.

Churchill III

The Churchill tank was a key British tank design of the period, seeing service in the Dieppe Raid, North Africa at El Alamein, Tunisia, Italy and North West Europe. On long-term loan from the Churchill Trust, this is the only running example of its kind in existence.

Matilda II

The Matilda II first saw action at the Battle of Arras in 1940 and was dominant in the Western Desert battlefield until 1941. Transferred to The Tank Museum in 1949 from the School of Tank Technology, this Matilda II underwent a four-year restoration, completed in 2018. Watch the Matilda Diaries series here.

Panzer I

This Panzer I is a full scale, working authentic reproduction of the Panzer I light tank produced by Germany in the 1930s. The Panzer I saw action in the Spanish Civil War and during the Blitzkrieg in WWII. This Panzer was built by the Panzer Project team, and will also be attending TANKFEST. Find out more here.

M3 Stuart

The M3 was the first US tank used by the British, and has since seen action with numerous countries around the world. Donated by the Brazilian Army in 1990, the Museum’s Stuart is a hybrid, featuring a M3 hull and a M3A1 turret, which has had the raised cupola removed and fitted with a diesel engine.

Panzer III

The Panzer III was conceived in 1934 as the principle combat tank of the Panzer divisions. The Museum’s Panzer III went into action in the North African theatre of war and is believed to have been captured at the Battle of Alam Halfa.

Sherman M4A2

The Sherman is the most prolific tank of the Second World War and played a crucial role on all fronts, in all theatres, by all Allied armies. This Sherman came to the Tank Museum in 1985 from the Defence Academy at Shivernham, and is the star of the 2014 film ‘Fury.’

M24 Chaffee

The M24 light tank entered service with the US Army in winter 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge. British Army Units who operated these tanks included the reconnaissance squadrons of the 7th Armoured Division (The Desert Rats). This vehicle is part of the Bannister Collection.

Colour picture shows Centaur displaying outside in the TANKFEST arena.


Built during WW2, the Centaur III is closely related to the Cromwell IV which had the upgraded 600hp Rolls Royce Meteor engine fitted, with both vehicles being externally similar.

Comet A34

Designed as an upgrade to the Cromwell tank, the Comet entered service in 1945 and conducted occupation duties in Germany. This vehicle is widely regarded as the best tank Britain produced during the Second World War.

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