Build your own Mark V tank

Published: 23/02/2022

The Tank Museum have partnered with brick toy makers Cobi to create a First World War brick model kit.

Mark V tanks saw action during decisive battles towards the end of the First World War, with 400 produced in total. Similar in appearance to earlier models, the more powerful and manoeuvrable Mark V was considered an upgrade on its predecessor the Mark IV.

Simon Prager, Head of Commercial Operations, said “We are pleased to be launching the Mark V brick model kit, in partnership with Cobi, based on the Museum’s own Mark V tank.”

The Tank Museum’s Mark V is one of only eleven survivors from the First World War. It is shown in the markings of 8th (H) Battalion (No. H41), Tank Corps at the time of the Battle of Amiens. In 1921 it went to 4th Battalion Tank Corps, returned to the Museum in 1925 and was used for demonstrations.

A black and white image of a Mark V tank in service with men in uniform leaning up against the side.
A Mark V tank in service.

“The unique brick model kit joins the TOG 2*, Tiger 131 and other popular kits by Cobi, stocked on The Tank Museum’s Online Shop.

The Mark V is a highly detailed build with 837 building blocks, equipped with working track traction, rotating canons and opening hatches. Markings and emblems are made of coloured blocks and permanent prints, plus a figure of a tank commander.

Simon Prager, “We are looking forward to launching further brick models in conjunction with Cobi, based on both First and Second World War vehicles”.

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