Exclusive Stamps Collectable

The Tank Museum is releasing an exclusive stamp collectable First Day Cover of new Royal Mail stamps, featuring eight iconic British tanks from the last hundred years.

The Museum Curator David Willey worked with Royal Mail to choose vehicles demonstrating the progression of British tank development from the First World War rhomboid landship, to the agile vehicles they are today.

The Mark IV, Matilda II, Churchill AVRE, Centurion, Chieftain, Scorpion, Challenger 2, and Ajax were selected for the stamps, representing the key conflicts of the 20th Century as well as what armoured vehicles look like in 2021.

Royal Mail commissioned paintings for each stamp, which are displayed on a unique First Day Cover created in association with Buckingham Covers.

Each cover will be marked with official Tank Museum postmarks dated 2 September, the day of the stamp’s release.

Retail Development Manager Trevor Johnson says “The Tank Museum advised the Royal Mail in 2007 to create a stamp featuring a Royal Tank Regiment troop leader. We were very excited to get the opportunity to collaborate with them again.

“The stamp collecting community has grown massively over the pandemic, with more people getting the time to partake in this fascinating hobby. We hope this will open our subject to a new interest group.”

The stamp collection is available to purchase on the Museum’s online shop here and will be sent out mid-September. With limited numbers available, order now to avoid disappointment.

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