King Tiger Arrives in Finland

The Tank Museum’s King Tiger V2, the only one of its kind, is on loan to Panssarimuseo – The Parola Armour Museum in Finland.

The Tank Museum is collaborating with military museums across Europe to tell the story of the King Tiger V2, enabling new audiences to learn about the history of armoured vehicles.

Since leaving The Tank Museum, Bovington in 2020, the King Tiger has been on loan to Arsenalen, The Swedish Tank Museum, and Nationaal Militair Museum in the Netherlands.

King Tiger at Arsenalen, The Swedish Tank Museum at the start of the journey to Finland.

Stefan Karlsson, Museum Director of Arsenalen, The Swedish Tank Museum said;

“The opportunity to host the King Tiger at Arsenalen has been incredible. The King Tiger has significantly increased the number of visitors to the Museum and increased engagement on our YouTube and social media platforms”.

The King Tiger V2 will spend 5 month at Panssarimuseo, before returning to its Bovington home in October.

Simo Hautala Director of Panssarimuseo – The Parola Armour Museum said, “The Museum is thrilled to welcome the King Tiger to Finland. The King Tiger will be on display from 14th April to March 2024 next to its counterpart Russian T-34. As a very rare museum piece we are pleased to display it alongside our extensive collection of tanks and anti-tank weapons for our visitors”

King Tiger arrives at Panssarimuseo – The Parola Armour Museum, Finland.

Although less than 500 King Tigers, or Tiger IIs, were produced, they were a formidable weapon and are considered the ultimate development of German tanks during the Second World War.

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Discover the history of the King Tiger tank, from Curator David Willey on The Tank Museum’s YouTube channel.

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