February on The Tank Museum's YouTube Channel

Published: 26/01/2021

February 2021 – The Tank Museum continues its war on boredom with the latest release of online content. 

Although The Tank Museum is still closed to the public due to the UK’s third national lockdown, the Museum’s continued programme of additional activity keeps the ball rolling by transporting The Tank Museum into your home via The Tank Museums Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Channel.

This month featured the Museum’s brand new Tank Chats, an exclusive Behind the Scenes Tour of The Tank Museum’s Supporting Collection, A Salute to Model Making and the story of one of the longest tank kills in history.

Long Range Tank Kill

30 years ago today, 26/02/91, during the First Gulf War, Lt. Col. Tim Purbrick’s Challenger 1 tank was responsible for one of the longest tank kills ever recorded in history.

A Salute to Model Making

Hosted by Curator David Willey and Actor Chris Barrie, “A Salute to Model Making” features well-known faces talking about why they love modelling and showing off a few of their creations. It also includes models sent in from The Tank Museum’s global audience and looks at the work of Models for Heroes – a charity which works with veterans to promote the therapeutic benefits of scale modelling. Visit The Tank Museum Shop Online for an incredible selection of tank model kits and accessories.

Behind the Scenes Tour: Part Two

Richard Cutland, Head of Military Relations Europe at Wargaming and ex-Royal Tank Regiment, goes Behind the Scenes to see the parts of The Tank Museum most visitors don’t see. In Part Two, Richard tours the Museum’s Supporting Collection and discovers a treasure trove of inert ordnance and deactivated weapons. If you’d like to go Behind the Scenes at The Tank Museum, find out more about the tours on offer here.

Tank Chats #118 | Churchill Mark IV and Mark V

The Tank Museum’s Historian David Fletcher discusses the Churchill Mark IV, a British heavy infantry tank used throughout the Second World War. Armed with a 6 pounder gun, this Churchill is known for its thick armour and great ability to climb steep inclines. The chat also covers the Mark V variant, which incorporated a 95mm Howitzer for close support roles.

Tank Chats #117 | Stridsvagn 103

Curator David Willey discusses the Cold War era Swedish Stridsvagn 103, also known as the ‘S-Tank’. Developed in the 1950s, the S-Tank was the first production tank to be powered by a turbine engine and it was also the only mass produced tank since the Second World War to not have a turret. A truly unconventional tank.

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