November on the Museum's YouTube Channel

Published: 27 November 2020

November 2020 – The Tank Museum continues its war on boredom with the latest release of online content. 

Although The Tank Museum has had to close again due to the UK’s second national lockdown, the Museum’s continued programme of additional activity keeps the ball rolling by transporting The Tank Museum into your home via The Tank Museums Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Channel. This month featured the Museum’s brand new Christmas advert and a fresh new series of Anti-tank weaponary!

Anti-Tank Chats #1 | WW1

Welcome to Anti-Tank Chats, a brand-new series on the history of infantry weapons used in Anti-Tank warfare. In the first episode, Archive and Supporting Collections Manager Stuart Wheeler, explores the weapons used by Germany during the First World War when they were first presented with this cutting-edge weapon – the tank. Shout-out and thanks to @T. Hanks for inadvertently suggesting the name for this new series and all the others who enjoyed Stuart’s talk on the Pak 43/41.

Tank Chats #111 | Sherman M4A1 (76) W

Join The Tank Museum’s Historian David Fletcher as he discusses the Sherman M4A1 (76) W, a late war variant of the Sherman M4A1 which was introduced into service in the summer of 1944. The M4A1 (76) W still had a cast hull, but improved frontal armour, a more powerful version of the Continental radial engine and was up-gunned from the original M4A1, with a 76mm gun.

Merry Christmas from The Tank Museum | Christmas 2020 Ad

The festive season is upon us, and with it so is The Tank Museum’s brand new Christmas advert, starring your two favourite Davids – Historian David Fletcher MBE and Curator David Willey. Join them in their living room as they show off some of the fantastic tank related goodies on offer this Christmas. Merry Christmas from The Tank Museum! Find all the products featured on The Tank Museum’s online shop.

Tanks Chats #110 | T-72

Join David Willey as he discusses the T-72, a Soviet era main battle tank which first entered production in 1971. The T-72’s service life has proven to be extremely successful. With about 20,000 produced, it has seen service with over 40 countries, and thanks to refurbishment, is still in service to this very day. With thanks to RecoMonkey for additional images

Tank Chats #100 | Rolls-Royce Armoured Car

The 100th Tank Chat milestone has been reached as the Rolls-Royce Armoured Car turns 100 years old! In this special edition, everybody’s favourite moustachioed tank historian David Fletcher examines his favourite vehicle in The Tank Museum’s collection: the Rolls-Royce Armoured Car, on its 100th birthday.

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