July on the Museum's YouTube Channel

The Tank Museum continues its war on boredom with the latest release of online content. 

Although The Tank Museum has now reopen, there are a large number of people who cannot travel to the Museum to visit. Therefore, our continued programme of additional activity transports The Tank Museum into your home via The Tank Museums Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Channel.

Tiger 131: Inside & Out

Every museum has its ‘hero’ object. For The Tank Museum it’s Tiger 131. Join Museum Director Richard Smith as he discusses why Tiger 131 isn’t just the most famous tank in The Tank Museum’s collection, but arguably the most famous tank in the world.

Curator Q&A #16: WW2 Tank Markings

In his latest Q&A, Curator David Willey talks concrete armoured lorries, early WW2 German Self-Propelled Guns, NATO tank codenames, blue on blue incidents, British tank markings and much more! Don’t forget to leave you question in the comments section below for next week’s Q&A.

Late WW2 Tanks in Action

Highlights from TANKFEST Online’s Late WW2 Tanks in Action display, including the Panther, Churchill, Comet, Sherman ‘Fury’, StuG III and much more! Commentary from Curator David Willey

There’s Something about TOG II

A special feature from TANKFEST Online about the biggest and heaviest vehicle in The Tank Museum’s entire collection – TOG II. Nowadays it’s one of the Museum’s most popular exhibits, yet it was a complete and total failure! Join The Tank Museum’s Director Richard Smith as he runs you through the TOG story.

Tanks in Action: Post War and Cold War

Highlights from TANKFEST Online’s Post War and Cold War Tanks in Action display, featuring the mighty IS-3, Type 59, Centurion, Chieftain, Challenger 1, M1 Abrams and much more! On 28 June, The Tank Museum partnered with World of Tanks, and museums from around the world, to bring you the first live streamed historic tank event.

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