Tank Paintings Released by Tank Veteran

The Tank Museum Shop has launched two further paintings by Royal Tank Regiment veteran turned artist, Mick Graham.

Mick’s latest releases feature the Museum’s very own Tiger 131 tank, the world’s only running Tiger 131, and Challenger 2, the British Army’s current Main Battle Tank.

Simon Prager, Head of Commercial Operations, says: “Following the success of ‘The Defeat’ in April, we are delighted to have commissioned these exclusive prints by Veteran turned self-taught artist, Mick Graham. “Tiger 131 is arguably the world’s most famous tank. It has an incredibly large fanbase, with people coming from all over the world to see it, so this new print is sure to be popular.”

The acclaim of this unique vehicle was demonstrated further by the original painting selling for £500 within hours of launching online.

Funds raised from the Mick’s artwork directly goes back into preserving The Tank Museum’s collection, including the Tiger 131.

Simon continued, “The second of these new prints features ‘Megatron’ the Challenger 2 TES tank from Armoured Trials and Development Unit (ATDU).

This unique vehicle will be familiar to our TANKFEST audience and is something any Challenger 2 fans will be keen to display.”

Operated by ATDU, Megatron is used for trialling new and possible future equipment for all British Army Challenger 2 Tanks and appears regularly alongside other current British Army vehicles at TANKFEST – The Tank Museum’s largest annual event. Mick Graham previously worked with The Tank Museum and Royal Mail to create eight stamps featuring British Army vehicles.

The prints are available to purchase on The Tank Museum’s Online Shop.

Shop all Mick Graham Art at tankmuseumshop.org.

Painting of the Challenger 2 tank with a sunset behind it
'Megatron' by Mick Graham.
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