Tanks for your memories

In the Centenary of The Tank Museum, we are collecting memories and recollections of Tank Fans who have visited the Museum.

We would love to find out more about your visits to The Tank Museum. Please send your photographs to memories@tankmuseum.org

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“I remember my visit to the Tank Museum as a very special ‘boys day out’, bonding with Dad.” Curator David Willey, at age 6.
"Little me at the Tank museum in the 70s.. I’m still that little boy when I visit the museum even today" Ian Mundy
"Picture taken sometime in the early 80's" Trevor Jones
Two children standing on a tank.
"Taken in 70’s. Our father was in the army at bovington. Back in the day it was free to enter so we would go most weekends and you could climb on some of the tanks too" Simon
An old man standing next to a LVT4.
"I took this photo of my grandfather in the late 80's when I was about 9 or 10. He drove an LVT4, like the one he is stood in front of, in WW2 as a member of 11th RTR" John White
A picture of A young child posing next to Tiger 131.
"June 2019 (1.5years) Vs June 2022( 4.5 years) and we are coming again this Saturday my son absolutely loves visiting"
A young boy posing in front of Tog II.
"Dexter (age 8)building his armies under the watchful gaze of TOG II at Tankfest 2022" Chris Riley
Two children play with two tanks on grass.
"In 2019 I took my boys who love tanks to The Tiger Tank Day and we had the best time" Eugene Robson
David Fletcher and David Willey posing for fans.
"Dexter (age 7) meeting the stars from his favourite YouTube channel at Tankfest 2021" Chris Riley
A group selfie in front of Tiger 131.
"Day out to see Tiger 131 & Fury with my Brother and Brother In Law" Norman Cooke
Two children and a woman standing behind the Matilda.
"Taken in about 1970, mry Grandfather saw the tanks when they were first used in the Somme" Robert Horne
A man excited, standing in front of Tiger 131.
"My very excited son and the Tiger, March 2023, we came all the way from Texas for this" Todd Flippo
A young boy next to a Comet tank.
"My boy enjoying a past 'Tiger Day' forgot the year but an unforgettable day out" Adam David Warne
A married couple at a table with flowers at the wedding.
"Sharing our wedding day with so many tanks was just perfect. The happiest day of our lives together, made possible by the fabulous staff at the museum" Wanda Armstrong-Ellis
A young child in front of a M3 Grant.
"Me in 1977" David Tipper
Lifting the M47's power pack. Nick emery, chatty, Pete galley, andothers.
"Lifting the M47's power pack. Nick emery, chatty, Pete galley, and my brother, and some other chap" Mark Randle
"This picture was taken in August 1964 when I was ten. My father had been in the RAOC with the 4th Armoured Brigade from Normandy through to the war's end. As part of his training he had learnt to drive many different types of tanks and I remember him telling me about each one as we toured the museum" Granne Darby
"Our son kyle has been waiting to visit since he was little and we got him tickets for Christmas, he loved it so much we’re coming back in October for his birthday" Cheryl Bradley
My first visit to the Tank Museum was in 1977 when I was 8 (I'm the dorky looking kid in a red track top and blue shorts). I vividly remember climbing on all the exhibits! I've been back many times since that first visit and hope to do so again many times more in the future" Lee Hadley
"Thought I would send you a photo of my son Edward at the Tank Museum. Edward loves the Tank Museum and would visit every day if it was possible. It is his favourite place . He spends each birthday there and also enjoys his favourite ‘Bovvie lunch’ in the cafeteria, 3 sausages , Mac and cheese and baked beans. Edward is on the autistic spectrum and enjoys looking at all the tanks, especially the Tigers. Bovington is definitely his happy place" Alice Barnard
"Taken around 1975/76, I am the child crouching on the engine deck, the picture on the right, shows my Mother with a friends mother. (my mum is on the left). The museum obviously got under my skin. I have been a FOTM for many years, and I have been to every Battleday/Tankfest bar 1!" Mark Howard.
"Picture taken at the museum in about 1975-6". Dave Howling.

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