Famous Battle Re-enacted at Tiger Day

Over 4500 people attended Tiger Day last weekend to see the world’s only running Tiger I tank in action on the 80th anniversary of its capture.

The highlight of the day was a battle re-enactment of the capture of the German Tiger 131, featuring several WW2 tanks, 80 years after it fell into British hands.

Tiger 131 only runs on Tiger Day in April and September and always attracts huge crowds when it does. Tiger Day Spring was another sell-out, with 4500 people coming from around the world to see the fearsome machine.

Museum Curator David Willey said, “A significant amount of work goes into keeping the Tiger running and it is extremely fragile and liable to faults.

“During the war it took 10 hours of maintenance for every hour the Tiger ran – now it takes the museum staff and engineers an astonishing 200 hours.”

Tiger 131 gets ready for battle.
Tiger 131

Tiger 131 was designed by the Nazis during World War II and captured in Tunisia in April 1943. It was passed to The Tank Museum in 1951, where it soon became one of the most famous vehicles in the collection. The Museum started the restoration of the Tiger in the 1990s and, since 2012, has starred in its very own Tiger Day event, held twice a year at the Museum.

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Centurion Pz 57/60.
Matilda II, renamed the Princess Royal after HRH Princess Anne who opened The Tank Museum’s Workshop.
Churchill prepares for battle.
Guest Tank, Panzer I Replica will make its TANKFEST debut.
M4A2 Sherman 'Fury'.
Centurion Pz 57/60.
William Bannister in front of the M24 Chaffee, part of the Bannister Collection.
Tiger Day visitors enjoying the action in the arena.
A34 Comet
Tiger 131 and the Sherman 'Fury'.
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