The Tank Museum’s flagship fundraising event, TANKFEST was boosted by an incredible £25,000 donation by World of Tanks.

World of Tanks players were encouraged to support The Tank Museum by purchasing the Chieftain Proto tank in World of Tanks or a TANKFEST exclusive in-game camouflage scheme, with proceeds going to support the world’s finest collection of tanks.

The brightly coloured ‘Sharp Lines’ design was created collaboratively to match the colours and the brand identity of both organisations and to celebrate TANKFEST and over a decade of friendship between World of Tanks and The Tank Museum. Before TANKFEST, one of the Museum’s Chieftain tanks was painted in the temporary camo scheme using a peel-coat underneath. YouTube viewers could even watch the paint dry, live.

WOT players were encouraged to by an in-game camo to support the Museum.

“The results exceeded our expectations,” said Nik Wyness, Head of Marketing at The Tank Museum. “We are hugely grateful to World of Tanks, who have sponsored TANKFEST since 2014, and to the World of Tanks players for raising such a superb amount.”

Colour image of two men talking in front of a TANKFEST sign and a tank.
World of Tanks have sponsored TANKFEST since 2014.

TANKFEST showcased an unparalleled line-up of historic and modern running tanks from the Museum’s collection, guest armour, and the British Army that was displayed to a record-breaking 26,000 visitors over the 3-day event. The anti-tank themed programme was specially created by Curator David Willey to celebrate The Tank Museum’s 100th birthday.

Another 400,000 enthusiasts worldwide have watched the biggest moving armour event in the world from the comfort of their own homes in a thrilling 4-hour livestream.

Kresimir Gusak, Senior Product Manager for World of Tanks PC, said; “Our team at World of Tanks is very proud to support The Tank Museum in helping to bring history to life and to support the work of conserving the collection for the future”.

The Tank Museum is one of the most successful YouTube channels of any museum in the world with over 500,000 subscribers.

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