Successful Kids' Book Launch

Published: 05/05/2022

The Tank Museum has released a new children’s book, ‘You Wouldn’t Want to Be in a Tank in World War Two’ in collaboration with The Salariya Book Company Ltd, at busy Easter Holidays.

At the launch, visitors had the chance to get their copies signed by the author and editor as well as take part in special tank-themed activities.

Claire Cooper, Education Officer, and Ian Hudson, Research Project Manager, at The Tank Museum teamed up with Salariya to create the children’s book aimed at educating children about military history.

‘You Wouldn’t Want to Be in a Tank in World War Two’ is suitable for all ages and includes a wide range of topics from how the first tank was created, the UK in the Second World War and tank crews. The pages are filled with eye-catching and colourful cartoons and bitesize facts, as well as more detailed descriptions.

Education Officer, Claire said, “Although the subject of the book was Second World War tanks, Ian and I wanted to include First World War tanks, Little Willie and the Mark I to illustrate how tanks were first invented and used in the First World War. These tanks were crucial to include because they are part of the Museum’s unique collection.

“Other tanks included in the book are Hobart’s Funnies, the Sherman DD and the Churchill AVRE. Both tanks are incredibly popular with children and had their own unique job in the war. The Sherman DD could float and the Churchill AVRE could lay bridges and carpets of material so the tanks didn’t sink in the sand.”

A cartoon of Sherman DD tanks.
An illustration of the Sherman DD from the book.

Salariya has sold over 6 million books worldwide in total including a series of books in partnership with other museums, including ‘You Wouldn’t Want to Be On The Mary Rose’ with The Mary Rose Museum, as well as ancient history topics such as ‘You Wouldn’t Want to Be in the Ancient Greek Olympics’.

‘You Wouldn’t Want to Be in a Tank in World War Two’ is now being sold exclusively at and will be available from other retailers in June.

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