£20k in 24hrs as Museum Supporters Rally

The Tank Museum has achieved a £20k fundraising target in 24 hours following a staggering response from online supporters in an appeal to restore a quirky prototype.

Work can now begin to bring the British FV4005 back to running condition in time for the Museum’s flagship armour event, TANKFEST, in June 2024.

Chris van Schaardenburgh, The Museum’s Head of Collections said,

“We are incredibly grateful for this contribution from our supporters at a time when we appreciate that finances are difficult for everyone.

“This project in partnership with World of Tanks and A W Hewes will now commence to conserve and restore the turret, reunite it with a correct Centurion Mark 3 hull, and remake the gun cradle and other fittings unique to this unusual vehicle.”

Developed in the 1940’s the FV4005 prototype boasts the largest ever gun fitted to a tank and was developed by The British Army as a response to the threat of Soviet Union’s heavy tanks like the lS-3.

The project was cancelled in the 1950’s and was long forgotten until it appeared in the World of Tanks video game and developed a cult following with gamers and tank enthusiasts.

Work can now begin to bring the British FV4005 back to running condition.
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