Photograph Appeal

The Tank Museum is launching an appeal to find a photograph of Walter Charles Green, who was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal at the Battle of Cambrai.

Walter was killed in 1918 at Amiens, aged 22, during a gallant action where he rescued the whole crew of another tank that had received a direct hit. Walter drove his tank out of the action with sixteen people on board, eleven of whom were injured, and one killed by armour piercing bullets.

The tank suffered mechanical defects and was full of steam from a boiling radiator. It eventually received a direct hit from the enemy, but not before expending every round of 6-pdr ammunition on the enemy.

Cambrai was a significant battle, the success of the tank on the battlefield was a vital part of the learning process of the British Army that saw the Army win the First World War.

Sarah Lambert, Exhibitions Manager, said; “A photograph of Walter will enable visitors to see what he looked like and enhance the emotional impact of his story that words alone cannot always convey.”

Walter Green Medal Collection.
The Walter Green Medal Collection.

Walter’s medals were donated to the Museum in 1976 by Mrs Thompsett, who was executor of the will of Walter Green’s sister. Further research by the Archive team has shown that he was the son of Charles and Nellie Greed of Croydon, England.

If you can help us tell Walter’s story, please contact

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