Ajax in public running debut at TANKFEST

The next generation of British military armoured fighting vehicles, Ajax, will be making its public running debut at TANKFEST, 28 – 30 June at The Tank Museum.

Ajax will arrive at the Museum fresh from successful trials on challenging terrain and sub-zero temperatures in Sweden. The reconnaissance vehicle will take on the TANKFEST arena, alongside historic and unusual military fighting vehicles.

Chris van Schaardenburgh, The Museum’s Head of Collections, said,

“We are pleased to collaborate with the British Army to showcase the future of warfare next to our collection of historically important tanks. Tank fans will be treated to a show that really tells the story of the development of the tank from WWI to the modern day.”

Ajax is the first British vehicle to be fitted with a cased telescoped 40mm cannon, designed to fire a number of different types of ammunition, including APFSDS.

Soldiers of the Household Cavalry Regiment have been putting Ajax through its paces, testing its capability to fire on the move with accuracy.

Ajax - UK MOD © Crown copyright 2024
Ajax. Photograph courtesy of UK MOD © Crown copyright 2024

Tickets for TANKFEST Saturday sold out in record time so don’t miss out on seeing this historic moment in the story of the tank.

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