Children’s Art Exhibition on Display

Published: 25/06/2021

Art created by local children, looking at “Life in Bovington” is on display at The Tank Museum, until 16 July 2021.

Approximately 250 children from Bovington Academy, ranging in ages from 4 to 11 years, were asked to explore what life in Bovington meant to them and create a visual representation that focused on their experience of living within the town.

The exhibition’s central theme, “Life in Bovington,” was specifically intended to be broad due to the unique demographic of the school population; which includes children from both local and military families. With 70 percent of pupils coming from a forces family background, who can move on every 18 months.

Samantha Armstrong from Bovington Academy, “This project has been a great chance for the children to express their personalities and tell their individual story.

“The pandemic has meant people spending more time at home, giving them more opportunity to discover new walks and activities in their areas – which is reflected in the artwork the children have produced.”

Claire Cooper Education Officer “We were delighted to work in partnership with Bovington Academy and were impressed with the creativity and imagination of the children’s work. It was a pleasure to discover what Bovington means to them. Curator David Willey was one of the first people to admire the exhibition.”

7 images of poppy art.

There are 100 pieces currently on display in the Tank Factory exhibition. Where visitors will also have the opportunity to purchase this original artwork. All money raised from this exhibition will go back into the school funds, for resources for children to use at the school.

Due to current restrictions on capacity, we are asking all visitors to book their ticket online in advance. Click here to book your Museum tickets.

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