Watch a tour of the new WW2: War Stories exhibition here, following a successful livestream event – on Thursday 13 May, 1100hrs (GMT).

Join us live on The Tank Museum’s YouTube channel as we mark the completion of our new World War Two: War Stories exhibition in a special live streamed opening event. The livestream has now taken place, watch here on The Tank Museum YouTube channel.

On 13 May at 1100hrs (BST) Curator David Willey and Richard Cutland from event sponsor World of Tanks were joined by very special guests to explore the revamped World War Two hall.

As the Museum prepares to re-open for the first time this year following the UK national lockdown, you’ll be among the first to see this new exhibition in its entirety, and you’ll also hear from some of the World War Two veterans that contributed to it.

The New Exhibition – World War Two: War Stories

Museum staff have worked throughout the pandemic to create the new exhibition, which focuses on the experiences of British Royal Armoured Corps servicemen from 1939 to 1945.

The exhibition covers some of the less well-known campaigns of World War Two, such as Arras, Greece, Dieppe, North Africa, the Great Swan, Burma, Walcheren, the Gothic Line, the Rhine crossings and the later fighting inside Germany.

Over 30 first hand veteran testimonies were gathered over the last decade to form the basis of the exhibition narrative.

Three tanks are lined up on the left of the image. An M41 Italian tank with a desert camouflage, a Matilda with a grey, green and sand camouflage. In the distance a cruiser tank with a green camouflage pattern is raised up on a metallic stand.

Sadly, a number of men who contributed – such as author David Render – have subsequently passed away.

The exhibition brings these accounts together with a range of new graphic panels, films and show case displays containing artefacts, personal items and mementoes which have never been on public display before.

During the Curator’s live exhibition tour, you’ll discover some of these fascinating and poignant new stories and objects – and get a good look at this impressive new assembly of 57 vehicles.

Following this, David and Richard will be joined (virtually) by some of the veterans who have contributed to the new exhibition, and by family members of those who have since passed away.

The live event is sponsored by World of Tanks, who also partnered with the Museum for the hugely successful TANKFEST Online and TANKMAS.

Left, a Luchs tank with a green camouflage, right is a Tiger II tank with a similar camouflage. In front of both tanks is a small information plaque. Behind the Luchs is a fake destroyed wall.


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This live streamed opening event takes place as The Tank Museum prepares to reopen its doors, on 17 May 2021. Tickets will be available to pre-book from Tuesday 11 May.

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