Enhance your history lesson or keep your child curious with a range of videos, crafts, and more, great for the classroom or the kitchen table. 

We know the Gift Shop is often a key part of visiting a Museum on a school trip. We’ve put together some discounted gift bags specially for schools, with some of our best child-friendly goodies. 

  • £2 Gift Bag (retail £2.74) – includes postcard, camo pencil, and eraser
  • £3 Gift bag (retail £6.49) – includes Tank Museum colouring book and colouring pencil set
  • £5 Gift Bag (retail £7.48) – includes postcard, soft camo teddy bear magnet, and plush tank keyring

These can be pre-booked at the same time as booking your trip, and collected as you leave. Find out more HERE.

Life in the Trenches in WWI – Lauren Learns History

Lauren Learns History’s video about the trenches, filmed at The Tank Museum with our Education Officer Claire, is ideal for KS2 and KS3. 

Her video covers:

  • Signing up for service
  • Medicine in WWI
  • What life was like for the soldiers in the trenches
  • What inventions came about because of the war

WWI and Dorset – Battlefield History Television

The First World War had a significant impact on the towns, villages and people of Dorset and evidence of the conflict can be found all over our County. These short films are designed for KS2 teachers to use in the classroom in support of a local history study. The three films give background information about the conflict, how Dorset people and places were involved, and how Dorset remembers the war. The films were created by The Tank Museum and Battlefield History Television.

What happened in the First World War?

The First World War was one of the most devastating conflicts in history. This film explores:

• How trench warfare developed

• The role of the machine gun, barbed wire and gas

• What conditions were like for soldiers in the trenches

• Why the tank was created and what life was like inside a real Mark IV tank

It features The Tank Museum’s Curator and Education Officer

Dorset in the First World War

The First World War had a significant impact on the County, in varied and sometimes surprising ways. This film explores:

• How men from Dorset joined the Army

• The role of Bovington in training tank crews

• The importance of Holton Heath in creating explosive cordite for shells

• Why ANZAC soldiers came to Weymouth

It features The Tank Museum’s Education Officer

Remembering the First World War in Dorset

There are memorials to the men who gave their lives all over the County, each with their own story to tell. This film explores:

• Why we remember soldiers that died in the First World War

• Where to find local memorials

• How to read a Commonwealth War Grave headstone

• The story of Neville Tattersfield, a Tank Corps soldier buried in Wareham Cemetery

• Examples of the many and varied memorials in towns and villages across the County

It features The Tank Museum’s Curator and Education Officer

The Tank Museum Education Department has a collection of boxes containing replica First World War artefacts, which are available for Dorset schools to borrow.

Loan boxes are available to borrow for half a term, for a charge of £40 and a deposit of £100 per box.

Each box contains a wide variety of interesting objects, a Brodie helmet, shell case, replica medals, a memorial plaque and newspapers from the period. Information sheets, activity cards and a game are also included.

Boxes are subject to availability so please book well in advance.

For all enquiries, please contact the Education Department on 01929 405 096 (option 6) or email us on education@tankmuseum.org

What happened to Gunner Archie Smith? Free scheme of work when you book two First World War workshops. 

Inspire your pupils to create high quality writing using the touching story of Harold ‘Archie’ Smith, a First World War tank crew gunner. We will provide you with a short scheme of work containing classroom activities that bring Archie’s letters to life. The emphasis is on using historic letters to facilitate good quality writing, so you don’t have to be studying the First World War as your history topic to take part. During their visit pupils will take part in Archie Smith adaptions of our ‘Tommy in the Trenches’ and ‘First World War Tank Experience’ workshops.

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