IS-3M returns to TANKFEST

In partnership with World of Tanks, the IS-3M will return to arena for TANKFEST 2024 to battle with the FV4005 in a unique display of big gun power at The Tank Museum.

Kresimir Gusak, Senior Product Manager for World of Tanks PC, said; “We are excited to work with The Tank Museum to bring IS-3M back to TANKFEST, to battle with the FV4005, Britain’s answer to destroying Soviet heavy tanks, for the very first time.

“World of Tanks is very proud to support The Tank Museum in helping to bring history to life and to support the work of conserving the collection for the future.”

TANKFEST, The Tank Museum’s flagship three-day event, hosts the finest collection of moving armour from all over the world.

Chris van Schaardenburgh, the Museum’s Head of Collections said,

“The IS-3M was a massive hit with tank fans in 2018, and we are pleased to be able to work with World of Tanks and the War Heritage Institute to bring it back to the UK alongside the debut of the FV4005.

“Through this display, we will tell the incredible story of the race throughout the history of armoured warfare to build bigger to defeat the enemy.”

The IS-3M will thrill tank fans at TANKFEST

The advanced design of the IS-3 shocked Western allies in 1945 when it was unveiled at the Victory Parade in Berlin. Despite Soviet efforts, the IS-3 arrived too late to see service however, the British Army realised they needed to build bigger guns to defeat the Soviet threat and developed the purpose designed heavy gun tank.

FV5004 Gate Guardian
Tank fans will see the IS-3M battle with the FV4005 in a historic display of big gun power.

In 1946, 2311 IS-3s had been built, before improvements on all IS-3 tanks led to the IS-3M. The IS-3M saw action in Hungary, during the 1956 Uprising, and in Egypt in 1967 during the Six Day War.

Donated to the Belgian Royal Military Museum by the USSR in 1989, this IS-3M tank was restored back to running order in 2016 and was last seen in the UK at TANKFEST 2018.

TANKFEST 2024 will provide visitors an opportunity to see a number of rare and unusual military vehicles, including the British Army’s latest vehicle, Ajax – which will be run before a public audience for the very first time.

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