War on Boredom

Throughout Lockdown The Tank Museum has boosted its online output to encourage tank enthusiasts to stay at home by combating boredom.

Even though most staff are working remotely, we’re working on a programme of additional activity to bring The Tank Museum into your home via The Tank Museums Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Channel.

Tank Chat #92 | Challenger 2: Full Length

David Willey looks at the current in-service British Main Battle Tank, Challenger 2. David talks to soldiers currently serving on the Challenger 2, looks at the design and development of Challenger 2, where it has seen service and some of the tank’s features. With thanks to the British Army for their assistance.

Curator Q&A #11

In his latest Q&A, Curator David Willey talks Panthers, ammunition markings, British tank factories, Chobham armour on ships, tank crew weaponry, flag signals, hiding tanks and much more!

Tank Revolutionary: Fuller’s Diary

J.F.C. Fuller has been described as a satanist, Nazi and bigot. Director Richard Smith, explores this highly controversial character, who was pivotal to the story of armoured warfare, using Fuller’s personal diary.

Arsenalen – Swedish Tank Museum | Top 5 Tanks

Stefan Karlsson, Director of Arsenalen, the Swedish Tank Museum, has chosen his Top 5 Tanks, from the Arsenalen and The Tank Museum, Bovington’s collection.

Defending Britain with a Bayonet | Hobart’s Pike

Director Richard Smith looks at Percy Hobart and the incredible weapon he was issued on joining the Home Guard at the start of WW2; a bayonet welded to a pole. Major General Percy Hobart commanded the 79th Armoured Division and gave the revolutionary, specialised tanks used on D-Day their nickname “Hobart’s Funnies”.

Workshop during Lockdown | Tank Workshop Diaries Ep.12

The Tank Museum is closed but the tanks haven’t gone away and they still need looking after! Head of Collections Chris van Schaardenburgh takes you on a quick tour of The Tank Museum Workshop and storage sheds during lockdown. Including maintenance on Tiger 131’s engine.

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