Graphic novel ‘Tank Girl’ lookalike opened the Museum’s new exhibition, which looks at Tanks in Popular Culture, after winning a nationwide competition.

Open in time for Easter, Tanks for the Memories: The Tank in Popular Culture, explores the story of the tank as a cultural icon and marks the centenary of the establishment of The Tank Museum.

Highlights include star of the 2014 Hollywood film ‘Fury’, the Museum’s Sherman Fury tank, a model-making area, vintage arcade games to play and much more.

Richard Smith, Director of The Tank Museum, “This new exhibition celebrates the many representations of the tank in popular culture, so we thought it only right that a character from one of those should open the exhibition!

Several armoured vehicles in an exhibition.
The new exhibition looks at the tank in games, toys, models and much more.
'Tank Girl' at the under a sign of the new exhibition.
'Tank Girl' officially opened the new exhibition.

“We ran a competition asking fans to dress up as graphic novel character, Tank Girl, or Kelly’s Heroes ‘Oddball’, for a chance to cut the ribbon at the new exhibition.

“Rachel Anthony-Rowlands was the lucky winner, who perfectly captured Tank Girl – a comic book character who drives a tank in a post-apocalyptic world. She did a fantastic job for the opening and really got into the role.”

Tanks for the Memories: The Tank in Popular Culture is now open. Celebrate 100 years of The Tank Museum this Easter, with Tanks in Action, kids’ activities and more. 

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