One Week To Go Until Tiger Day

See the world’s only running Tiger I tank in action during its last outing of 2023 at Tiger Day 16th September at The Tank Museum.

 Tiger 131 runs only twice a year, on Tiger Day in April and September. It attracts huge crowds who can experience history in action with a specially curated 80th anniversary enactment battle of its capture by western Allies.

Museum Curator David Willey said, “The Tiger tank is still the tank people want to see as many have heard about it, and of course Tiger 131 is the only Tiger I now running.

“Tiger Day gives a great opportunity to see this famous tank in operation, and it is shown with a range of other classic armoured vehicles in the Museum arena.”

Tiger Day Autumn is the last chance in 2023 to see the Tiger 131 in action.

The Tiger tank was a formidable weapon introduced by the Nazis and the capture of 131 allowed the allies to understand exactly what had been unleashed.

Colour Picture shows tanks Tiger 131 and Panzer I replica.
The Tiger 131 will be joined by fellow German armour, the Panzer I replica and the Panzer III.

Visitors will have the chance to see and hear the Tiger in action in an explosive WW2 tank display that also includes fellow German moving armour, the replica Panzer I and Panzer III as they battle against the threat of Allied moving armour – the Churchill, Sherman ‘Fury’, Comet, Matilda II, and Chaffee.

Tiger Day is the perfect opportunity for families and tank fans to experience battles, history, and fun interactive displays all in one day! Event tickets also include an annual pass so visitors can explore The Tank Museum throughout the year.

Tiger Day Autumn 2023 tickets are now sold out, but tickets bookings are now open for Spring 2024!

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