100 Objects Book Competition

The Tank Museum has launched a competition to win a copy of “The Tank Museum in 100 Objects” that highlights the most intriguing items in the Museum’s collection.

The Tank Museum has amassed over 100,000 objects since it was founded in 1923, and Curator David Willey has collated 100 of the finest.

David Willey says, “The Tank Museum’s mission has always been to tell the story of tanks and the people that served in them.

“Our extensive collection goes much further than just tanks, with medals, uniforms, weapons, photographs, and art all playing a huge part in helping our audience understand the history of tanks and tank warfare”.

Highlights of the book include the Hermann Göring bust. This bullet-scarred bronze of Reichsmarschall Herman Göring was among thousands of war booty recovered from the ruins of the Third Reich.

Statues and artwork were an important part of the Nazi propaganda machine, and this bust would have been displayed in Berlin throughout WW2.

100 object book placed on a tank
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There are many stories about how the bullet holes were made. One recollection was that they were made by a drunken Russian soldier, and another was that it was made by American soldiers.

To enter the draw to win a copy of this fascinating book, sign up for the Museum’s mailing list. Competition closes on 14th February 2024.

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