New Exhibition: Tanks for the Memories

Tanks for the Memories explores the story of the tank as a cultural icon and marks the centenary of the establishment of The Tank Museum.

Highlights include star of the 2014 Hollywood film ‘Fury’, the Museum’s Sherman Fury tank, as well as collection items from The Tank Museum’s involvement in the Warhorse and Indiana Jones films.

Sarah Lambert, Exhibitions Manager, says, “We know many of our visitors first experience tanks through watching films, seeing them on the news, making models or playing with their favourite tank toy.

“This bold and bright exhibition celebrates the tank since its appearance in 1916 and the part The Tank Museum has played in numerous cultural creations.”

A mock up of The Tank Museum's new hall, 'Tanks For The Memories'

Visitors will have the chance to explore themed areas dedicated to toys, in a 70’s style living room, as well as model making and video games.

Sarah Lambert, “We’re pleased to be able to give our visitors multiple opportunities to gets hands-on in the new exhibition – with a model-making area, vintage arcade games to play, dressing up areas and more.”

Tanks for the Memories also looks at tanks in the media, featuring the iconic image of ‘Tank Man of Tiananmen Square’ and interviews with war correspondent Kate Adie and Gulf War commander Patrick Cordingley.

To find out more about the exhibition click here

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