The Tank Museum | Tiger Exhibition to Close

Tiger Exhibition to Close

The Tiger Collection is due to close on Sunday 3rd November 2019

28th August 2019

Since spring 2017, The Tank Museum's Tiger Collection has brought every member of the Tiger tank family together in one display, in a world first.
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Opened in April 2017 by both German veterans who fought in these beasts, and British veterans who were given the difficult task of fighting them during WW2, the Tiger Collection has been a big hit with visitors. 

The Tiger Collection allows visitors to hear from both British and German Second World War veterans about their experiences with Tigers. However, it is now due for closure on Sunday 3rd November 2019, ahead of the World War Two Hall renovation. 

Before 3rd November, you can still see the Museum's Tiger 1, two King Tigers, Jagdtiger and other Tiger related collection items, as well as the Sherman 'Fury' and T-34/76, together in one impressive display. This exhibition really does provide a sense of the size of Allied and Axis tanks, and what these men were up against. 

Until January 2019, the Tiger Collection had a guest star in the form of the Elefant Jagdpanzer. Falling into Allied hands in 1944, the Elefant was one of the largest combat vehicles to see action in the Second World War. The Elefant was on loan from the US Ordnance Training and Heritage Center at Fort Lee, VA, by the United States Army Center of Military History, and is one of just two surviving examples of the 91 built, which saw service with the German military. 

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The Tiger Collection is closing to make way for a new exhibition on the Second World War. The current exhibition will be incorporated into the 3400 sq. foot gallery, which will tell the story of the men of the Royal Armoured Corps through a series of campaigns and battles, beginning with the British counter-attack at Arras in 1940 and finishing with the fall of Germany in 1945. The project will be delivered in two phases over 2020 and 2021. Construction work on the new WW2 exhibition will begin in January 2020, with phase one due to open in spring, resulting in disruptions to the WW2 Hall. 

Don't forget that you can see Tiger 131 in action in the Museum's arena, alongside its WW2 contemporaries, at Tiger Day 12 on 14th September 2019. Find out more here.