The Tank Museum | Tank Themed Christmas Jumpers

Tank Themed Christmas Jumpers

Tank Christmas Jumpers make a return due to popular demand

5th November 2019

Due to popular demand the Museum has four eye-catching tank themed Christmas jumpers on offer.

The jumpers will feature the famous Sherman, Churchill, T-34, Centurion and the infamous German Tiger Tank and can be viewed here.


Last year’s jumpers proved to be a world-wide hit. They were bought from all over Europe, the United States, Canada, and as far away as Japan and Australia. 

Due to popularity, last year’s jumper will make a return. The blue design features stylised snowflakes and tinsel above and below silhouettes of tanks.

New for Christmas 2019, three additional eye catching options are on offer:

  • Limited edition Tank Museum Knitted jumper
  • Charcoal Bauble Sweatshirt
  • Burgundy Bauble Sweatshirt

Christmas Jumper 2019_023Staff say that men like them because the design is one they are prepared to wear. They are also being sold for women and children.

Shop Manager, Trevor Johnson said “with the success of last year’s Christmas jumper, it has made its long awaited return for 2019.

“We made the decision to release three extra jumper options to cater for the most avid tank fan.

“Our in-house design team have produced these eye-catching festive designs including the famous Sherman, Churchill, Tiger 1 and more!"

You can view and buy your Christmas jumper and other Tank Museum related Christmas goodies here.