The Tank Museum | James May in NEW Museum Advert

James May in NEW Museum Advert

Well known presenter in TV advertising campaign.

29th April 2016

Former Top Gear presenter James May is featuring in The Tank Museum’s TV advertising campaign for 2016. 

It will be the third time that the well-known TV personality has donated his time and waived his fee for the Dorset charity, having featured in The Tank Museum's re-launch campaign in 2009 and the subsequent advert in 2012. 

James, who fondly remembers visiting The Tank Museum as a child said; “I’ve been coming to The Tank Museum since I was about five. Back then it was just a load of tanks parked outside, but it’s changed a lot since then. It’s a good museum, I visit it whenever I go past and I think other people should too!” 

The fun, attention grabbing 30 second TV commercial will show James May proclaiming to be The Tank Museum's Biggest Fan, whilst constantly being upstaged by a group of enthusiastic children.

“We’re really pleased with the advert and we are very grateful for the way in which James has supported us.” said Tank Museum Head of Marketing and Engagement, Nik Wyness. “The advert intends to show off the range of exhibitions we have, whilst conveying the enthusiasm and affection our visitors feel for the Museum.”