The Tank Museum | Tank Museum Tops Dorset TripAdvisor Rankings

Tank Museum Tops Dorset TripAdvisor Rankings

Number 1 in the County

27th July 2016

The Tank Museum is officially Dorset's number one visitor attraction, according to users of consumer website TripAdvisor.

With over 75% of reviewers being 5* ratings, The Tank Museum has held the top spot among Dorset attractions for some time - and is among the top 10 highest rated History Museums in the country.

 "TripAdvisor tells us what our customers really think, and we learn a lot from what people have to say about the exhibitions, collections and our customer service." said Museum Director Richard Smith.  "We've worked hard for, and are proud of, our position as the highest rated attraction in Dorset. 

The glowing reviews we have received show we are a Museum that brings its subject to life; entertaining, educating and moving visitors from across the world. And it is always most gratifying to read such powerfully positive reviews from people who didn't think the Museum would interest them.  We hope this will encourage others who read them to give The Tank Museum a try."

The Museum has recently made considerable investments in customer facilities, with a new and enlarged restaurant, upgraded menu, and state of the art soft play area for younger visitors.  The new facilities will be available during the Summer holidays alongside the of themed family activities, weekday Tanks In Action displays and vehicle rides.